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GPS PAL - This is the Official Web Site
Cup holder mount for portable GPS units

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Conveniently holds unit and all wire attachments without blocking the windshield  area. The Gps-Pal comes with everything you need to get you on your way.

Designed to be used with the suction cup mount that is included with your GPS original Equipment. Fits cup holders in automobiles, golf cars, NEV's, utility Vehicles and anything else that has a cup holder. Can also be used as a cup holder for drinks.

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  • No more spots on windshield

  • Safer, better vision with nothing on the windshield

  • No more reaching over your steering wheel to program your GPS

  • No more letting the sun heat your unit up to 160 degrees when mounted on dash or windshield.

  • No more long wires hanging over your dash, GPS pal stores wires by rolling up excess wires and putting in the bottom of GPS-pal.

  • Removing from windshield makes it less of a target for thieves to see and steal or vandalize your vehicle.

  • No more buying windshield suction cups or new windshield mounts because the sun dries them out.

  • No more putting dash mounts that glue on and almost impossible to remove without messing up your dash.
  • Now people from California, Minnesota, and other states that donít allow anything on dash or windshield can have a portable GPS. In their vehicle.
  • GPS-Pal is very versatile and can be moved form one vehicle to another by just unplugging from your power source and switching to another vehicle plug in and go.
  • Have a great driving experience and enjoy your GPS they
    are fun to use and get you where you need to go.
  • Reason for not using this product,  You havenít purchased it yet.


Click Here to Order your GPS PAL NOW !!


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